Center Hill Lake Marinas

Center Hill Lake offers nine commercial marinas that provide a wide variety of services for visitors to the lake. Services such as fuel, private boat moorage, electrical and water hookups, boat rentals, fishing and marine supplies, restaurants and snack bars, and restrooms are offered by most facilities. To encourage boaters to follow “No Discharge” policy regarding proper disposal of treated or untreated sewage, each marina provides vessel pumpout services for a small fee.

Overview photograph of the construction of Center Hill Dam, Lancaster, Tenn.

Center Hill Marina
450 Cove Hollow Circle
Lancaster, Tennessee 38569
(615) 548-4315
Fax (615) 548-8601



Cookeville Boat DockCookeville Marina on Center Hill Lake
13800 Cookeville Boat Dock Road
Baxter, Tennessee 38544
(931) 858-4008
Fax (931) 858-2512



Edgar Evins Marina on Center Hill Lake

Edgar Evins Marina
2100 Edgar Evins Park Road
Silver Point, Tennessee 38582
(931) 858-5695
Fax (931) 858-5693


Four Seasons Marina on Center Hill LakeFour Seasons Marina
FSD Corporation
P. O. Box 210734
Nashville, Tennessee 37221-0734
(615) 597-7000


Hidden Harbor Marina on Center Hill LakeHidden Harbor Marina
2685 Casey Cove Rd.
Smithville, Tennessee 37166
(615) 597-8800


Horseshoe Bend Marina on Center Hill LakeHorseshoe Bend Marina
6040 Webb’s Camp Road
Walling, Tennessee 38587
(931) 657-5080
Fax (931) 657-5080

Hurricane Marina on Center Hill Lake

Hurricane Marina
864 Floating Mill Road
Silver Point, Tennessee 38582
(931) 858-4084
 Clean Marina


Pates Ford Marina on Center Hill LakePates Ford Marina
6323 Jefferson Road
Smithville, Tennessee 37166
(615) 597-4807
Fax (615) 597-4707


Silgo Marina on Center Hill LakeSligo Marina
350 Sligo Rd.
Smithville, Tennessee 37166
(615) 597-5245