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Regional CPAC (Louisville)

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USAJOBS is the U.S. Government’s official system/program for Federal jobs and employment information. USAJOBS delivers a service by which Federal agencies meet their legal obligation (5 USC 3327 and 5 USC 3330) providing public notice of Federal employment opportunities to Federal employees and U.S. citizens.

Great Lakes & Ohio River Division Regional Civilian Personnel Advisory Center

Civilian Human Resources Agency LogoOur Mission: Provides advice on human resources services and assistance to recruit, compensate, promote, lead, manage, develop, and retain an effective work force.  Develops and maintains CPAC programs, implementing DA, USACE,CHRA CELRD, and district policies, programs, and legal and regulatory requirements.


  • Provides advisory services to managers to ensure consistency and equity of position management and classification actions.

  • Provides advice to managers on recruitment, selection, and career development strategies linked to staffing needs.

  • Assists the resolution of grievances and appeals. Advises and assists managers on handling conduct and performance problems.

  • Works in partnership with managers to develop, coordinate, and administer a training and development program for civilian employees which is responsive to immediate and long-range needs and goals of the Nashville District, CHRA,USACE, and DA.

  • Implements the performance appraisal system and reviews its effectiveness.

  • Implements programs and policies to provide employees with opportunities for development and advancement within their particular career program.

  • Administers positive labor-management relations program to ensure that relations with labor unions are cooperative, constructive, and in accordance with law and regulations.

  • Provides leadership and guidance on the incentive awards programs. Establishes incentive awards committees, and takes necessary actions to ensure the program is in compliance with regulations.

  • Provides employees with information regarding benefits and retirement counseling.