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 Forms & Checklists
Your mission is to work safely and we want to help you do that.  We have prepared standardized checklists, templates and forms for you to use.  They are not all-inclusive but are intended to contain basic programmatic requirements that you need to look for.  They can be used to develop, assess or inspect your equipment, programs or other Safety Office related areas. 

We will continue to add these so check back frequently.


Section 01 & Appendix A

Section 05

        Respiratory Use, 05-01

Section 10

Section 11
        Battery Charging Areas/Activity, 11-01

Section 15


        Chains and Slings, 15-02

Section 18

Section 24

        Ladders, 24-01

Section 26
        Underground Construction (Tunnels), Shafts and Caissons, 26-01


        Record of First-Aid Treatment, 03-01

 Safety Training

The following USACE Safety training is available for USACE, Government, and contractor personnel through the USACE Learning Center PROSPECT program. You can find course schedules and descriptions in the "Purple Book."              

Title                                                                                          Course Number

USACE 30-Hour Construction Safety                                                  215

USACE 30-Hour Operational and Maintenance Safety                       063

Floating Plant Safety                                                                          081

Safety Management for Supervisors and Leaders                              236

Crane Safety                                                                                       032

Dive Safety Administration/ Refresher                                              175/397

Working Diver/ Refresher                                                                  35/259

Boat Operator License Examiner                                                         172

OSHA Outreach Training Programs/Opportunities (10/30-hour training/trainer classes) 

OSHA Compliance Assistance Quick Start for Construction (Excellent for Small Business)

OSHA Compliance Assistance Quick Start for General Industry (Excellent for Small Business)

Combat Readiness University Training - Vehicle Accident Avoidance Course, Commander's Safety Course, Additional Duty Safety Officer Course, Composite Risk Management Basic Course and more 

Preventing Fatal Falls in Construction

Construction Solutions - Designed for owners, contractors, and workers, Construction Solutions is a database of information on health hazards, and practical control measures to reduce or eliminate those hazards. – Construction Solutions (see for short video intro).  The information on this site can help with development of Activity Hazard Analyses and Position Hazard Analyses!

CPWR's Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health (eLCOSH):  : they continually add great resources like all kinds of free training tools (toolbox/tailgate, etc).

Safety training Material Repository (provided by United States Mine Rescue Association) - - lots of videos by subject, and other materials.  Much is free.

NIOSH Training

Toolbox Meetings (Free): 

OSHA FREE Online Training Modules:

Oklahoma State University EHS Online Safety Training offers training on 19 EHS topics, including:

  • Asbestos awareness
  • Back safety
  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Compressed gas cylinders
  • Electrical safety
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Hazard communication
  • Hazardous materials transportation
  • Lightning safety
  • Lockout/tagout
  • Material safety data sheets
  • Mower safety
  • Office ergonomics
  • Personal protective equipment in the laboratory
  • Safety is everybody's business
  • Scaffolds
  • Sun safety
  • Suspicious package training
  • Walking on ice & snow

Safety Contact

Safety and Occupational Health Office

Safety and Occupational Health

Our mission is to cultivate and maintain a safe and healthy culture for all district employees, contractors, and visitors through the implementation of USACE occupational health programs, the support and assistance of risk management techniques, and compliance requirements in USACE Engineering Manual 385-1-1.

Report Safety Hazards and Provide Comments

How are we doing graphicLet us know how we are performing in the areas of employee, contractor and public safety.  If you are an employee, contractor or someone that visits the district's developed recreation areas, please share your positive comments and/or your concerns regarding safety on our jobsites and in our recreation areas.  If you have a compliment or concern, please provide basic information, such as location, activity, condition or operation, and of course, what you liked or are concerned about.  Use the contact form below to submit your comments.  Thank You for your interest in Safety!

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