Planned AE Contracts

At this time the Nashville District is not planning to solicit any Architecture and Engineering Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contracts.  The district's greatest need is associated with Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical (SME) engineering services since our current contracts will expire soon.  However with the completion of the design efforts on the Chickamauga and Kentucky Locks and uncertain funding for these projects, the Nashville District will use regional contracts awarded by other USACE districts to satisfy any SME engineering design needs.

Current Architect and Engineer (ID/IQ) Contracts

URS Group, W912P5-09-D-0006, Geotechnical

KS Ware & Associates, W912P5-09-D-0003, Geotechnical

Arcadis US, Inc, W912P5-08-D-0001, Geotechnical

Stantec Consultants, W912P5-09-D-0007, Geotechnical

Lowery Hydrogeologic, W912P5-10-D-0006, Hydrology & Hydrualics

HDR Engineering, Inc, W912P5-10-D-0007, Hydropower

Marshall & Associates, Inc, W912P5-10-D-0009, Hydropower

MWH Americas, Inc, W912P5-10-D-0005, Hydropower

MWH Americas, Inc, W912P5-08-D-0002, Structural, Electrical, & Mechanical

Black & Veatch, W912P5-08-D-0003, Structural, Electrical, & Mechanical

Bergman Associates Inc &  Ben Gerwick, W912P5-08-D-0004, Structural, Electrical, & Mechanical

Inca Engineers, Inc, W912P5-08-D-0005, Structural, Electrical, & Mechanical

GRW Engineers, Inc, W912P5-09-D-0005, Surveying

Vaughn & Melton Consulting Engineers, Inc, W912P5-09-D-0004, Surveying