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Water Safety

Park Rangers Wear Personal Floatation DevicesThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District welcomes your interest in water safety. We want to encourage visitors to our recreational facilities and lakes to use caution while boating, fishing, or swimming. Watch Your Children! Each year about 200 children drown in the U.S. and several thousand others are treated in hospitals for submersion accidents, accidents which leave children with permanent brain damage and respiratory health problems. Remember, it only takes a few seconds for a small child to wander away and as little as eight seconds for a child to drown. Children have a natural curiosity and attraction to water. Watch your children at all times when in and around the water and ensure that everyone wears a proper-fitting life jacket. The information on this page and its links will offer essential information that will help you, your family, and friends have a safe, enjoyable recreational experience at our projects.

Water Safety Articles

Ashland City Elementary School students pledge to practice water safety
ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. (May 10, 2018) – Cheatham Lake Park Rangers celebrated the culmination of the “2018 Summer Pledge to Practice Water Safety” partnership today at Ashland City Elementary School, engaging students on the importance of water safety, learning to swim, swimming with a buddy, and how to pick the correct size life jacket.
Published: 5/10/2018
Corps employees use ingenuity to collect debris, trash on Lake Cumberland
SOMERSET, KY (May 9, 2018) – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers employees from the Nashville District have engineered a solution to help improve and maintain access at a sometimes debris-clogged Waitsboro recreation and boat launch area.
Published: 5/9/2018
Trooper Island staff lauded for Eagle Watch pickup
CELINA, Tenn. (May 7, 2018) – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District presented staff members of the Kentucky State Police Trooper Island Camp on Dale Hollow Lake, certificates of appreciation.
Published: 5/7/2018
Nashville District contributes to Earth Day celebration at Centennial Park
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 21, 2018) – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Nashville District celebrated Earth Day with thousands of energetic people today during the 16th annual Nashville Earth Day Festival at Centennial Park.
Published: 4/26/2018
Keep safe Labor Day weekend with a few water safety tips
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Aug. 29, 2017) – School is back in session, work has picked up, days are getting shorter, and there is just one holiday left before the unofficial end of summer. This Labor Day weekend families will get together to recreate and celebrate all the hard days they have worked. When swimming or boating on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers lakes, the public is encouraged to have fun, but remember a few water safety tips to keep safe.
Published: 8/29/2017

(News Report) Investigators: Drowning is Silent

This story is from Fox 9 News in Minneapolis-St. Paul. It is important to watch this to have a greater understanding of how drowning is a silent event, and the importance of keeping an eye on people in the water and knowing the signs of drowning. This is a must watch!