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Daily Fishing Update

Daily Fishing Report for Lake Cumberland 

Fishing Information by Phone: (606) 678-8697

Elevations, Generation Schedule, Water Temperatures & Fishing Report:

The lake information for February 24, 2017 as of 12 AM includes the headwater elevation at 702.70 ft and the tailwater elevation at 546.90 ft.  The generation schedule is from: 5am-10pm. 

However, this is subject to change without notice or warning.

As of February 10, 2017 the water temperature at Burnside Marina was 48.8 at the surface, 48.6 at 5 feet; 48.3 at 10 feet and 48.1 at 15 feet through 30 feet.

Bass are biting on jigs, shakey head, crank bait, and Alabama rigs in the creeks and also on red clay points.

Crappie can be found in the creeks along the brush caught on minnows and jigs in 4-8 feet. 

Stripers are biting in when trolling with live bait or pulling umbrella rigs in 10-15 feet of water or casting with deep diving crank baits on the Western half of the lake as well as in the creeks towards colder water. 

Sauger can be caught in the river below Wolf Creek Dam.

For more information on the generation schedule seven days a week please call 270-343-0153. You may also call the Lake Cumberland Natural Resource Management Office at 606-679-6337 during the week.

Safety Message:

The Nashville District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wants to bring attention to the dangers present in the tail water of dams.  It is mandatory at Lake Cumberland everyone in a boat, no matter their age, must properly wear a life jacket if they are located in the discharge of Wolf Creek Dam to Kendall Day-Use Ramp.  Other guidelines to follow to increase water safety is to not anchor to the dam, be aware of the generation schedule, realize the generation schedule is subject to change at any given time, and wear a life jacket when on Lake Cumberland or on the tail water of Wolf Creek Dam.  With the efforts of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, as well as everyone in the public we can work together to make boating a more safe and enjoyable experience!


Angler fishing on Lake Cumberland