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Group Picnic Shelters

Group Picnic Shelter Information

To make a reservation, call the Resource Manager's Office at
(615)792-5697 or (615)254-3734.


   Cottonwood Beachside  Redbud   Willey's  Sycamore  Bash Creek  Left Bank
Cost (per 50 people)  $25 $50 $50  $50  $50  $25  $25
Other Costs $4 per vehicle   $4 per vehicle  $4 per vehicle  $4 per vehicle  none  none  none
Max Capacity  50 100 100 100 100 50 50
 Handicap Assessable  yes yes  yes  yes  yes no  yes
Water/Electric  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes
 Restroom  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes
 Volleyball  no yes yes yes no no no
 Horse Shoes  no no yes yes no no no
 Baseball  no no ye yes no no no
 Playground  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes
 Grill  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes  yes

Reservation is for the shelter only.

If not reserved, shelters are available on a frist come first serve basis.

A reservation board at each shelter indicates current reservations.